With our specialization at obtaining manufactured goods and services from overseas markets, we at SourceWise can afford to provide our customers with a reasonably priced, hassle free experience.
It is through our large network manufacturing and services subsidiaries that we obtain our services and items.
With SourceWise's access to various industries and development sectors at a cheap rate, we help businesses make a profit by maximizing profits and reducing manufacturing, operating and development costs.

Benefits of SourceWise Sourcing

The main advantage of working with us is that all our customers do business with our Australian company based in Australia and China.
Our logistics is so efficient that we ensure your company meets all its needs locally without going through the hassles of working with overseas companies.
We handle the development, packing and shipping to ensure your good reach your business doorstep.
All our work is done within the geographical and legal reach of your business. We have no hidden fees but let you skip the steps required to get consumer goods or services at reasonable prices to Canada. Learn more about benefits of sourcing with SourceWise.

Working of SourceWise Sourcing

To maximize profits, companies need to reduce their operating costs, save time and maximize productivity.
We help you do this- supposing your company sells or develops indoor sporting equipment on a wholesale and retail basis.
With the time and money invested to produce, pack and ship these items locally, it is difficult for you to manufacture, pack and ship the items on time so that you get a steady income.
However by dealing with overseas markets, you can get what you need at a fraction of the time and costs, thus save a maximum of 80% when compared to getting local service. It’s just logically complex.

Your company may however not prefer doing business with overseas market for the following reasons:
• Locating trustworthy partners in the targeted market
• Handling shipping, customs and its associated paperwork
• Handling language barriers trying to make the manufacturer or service provider thoroughly understand your needs
• Locating quality products, manufacturing and services

With SourceWise, you work with a Canadian company based in Canada. We have a large network of markets in various industries so that we can provide customers with minimal hassles with reduced costs and time to help maximize profits.
You need not worry about the inner processes needed for marketing your products.
You can quickly acquire the required indoor sporting equipment at 50-80% its reduced cost without any hassles of dealing with overseas markets.

To deal with SourceWise, you only need to place an order with your specifications and your product reaches your doorstep. SourceWise takes care of the production, packaging, shipping, guarantee and delivery of products and rids you of its hassles.



Advantages of SourceWise

We at SourceWise, an international sourcing company, provide many advantages to our customers. These advantages separate us from our competition.

1. Dependability

Any production quality mistakes that occur on our watch are rectified by us. We take complete responsibility of the product even if the manufacturing factory does not. Our present customers consider this an insurance policy which reduces your exposure to the risks associated with overseas manufacturing.

2. Responsibility

Our staff handles the entire project from design, concepts, factory selection, quality, product compliance, inspections, shipping, timelines and customs brokering. We work 24/7 and are responsible with everything required to ensure our customers have an enjoyable and successful overseas manufacturing experience.

3. Transparency

The factory name and location is disclosed to our customers. We define our process and sourcing strategies and share it with our customers so that you are not in the dark and are kept updated through the process.

4. Infrastructure

Our team is always ready and willing to attend your call and is located in Melbourne, Sydney and South Asia. Our team includes QC inspectors, product managers, sourcing, engineers and purchasing.
We know the complications and challenges of overseas marketing and Australian market safety standards. Our team is your team.


Product Development Services

If you have an idea and you are not sure if it is a good one, bring it to us and we will breath life into it. We have engineers who will make a CAD drawing, take you through the process of manufacturing, tell you the materials that will be needed, and even make prototype samples for you to see.
The domestic team will then liaise with the overseas team to ensure that manufacturing is done well.



Our Main Target Audience

Our target audience who benefit the most working with us fall into some basic types:

1. First-timers entering international factories

We assume these customers have no experience with overseas purchasing and sourcing and depend on us to help them through our learning curve, infrastructure and expertise.
These customers usually need more attention and we are ready to allocate more resources, especially in the starting stages.
We will jot out a plan and milestones and review it to identify risk levels, lead times and related costs with each step.
You are welcomed to our team with our strong customer service wherein we work to make you feel comfortable each step of the way.

1. Cost reduction switching from domestic supply chains to overseas manufacturing

Do you find it difficult competing in the existing market because of high production costs?

We can help reduce your costs.

Do you have trouble selling your product to large retailers like Target and WalMart?

We can help considerably reduce costs to make these potential large customers more interested and allow you to be more profitable.

We can help build your market by targeting those customers who were previously impossible to reach because of high goods costs.

Many companies face this problem all the time.

Do you have to look overseas for reduced cost options?

This expansion decision is related to getting your goods cost reduced. With our services, a stable and low risk option is created which introduces you to a new supply chain while keeping costs down. We are located in Vietnam, Thailand and China but are managed in Australia.

2. Product enhancements- We help add value to your product without exceeding your market value.

Do you want to improve your existing products?

Taking advantage of lower labor costs in overseas factories, we can help our clients add value with minimal or no costs to the overall product. With domestic factories charging for each bell and whistle added, it’s not possible to compete with overseas manufacturing.
Our engineering and QC department help bring out the best quality Products. meeting the value-add extras demand of customers.


Our Freight Agents

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